I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Peace and Conflict Neuroscience Lab at the University of Pennsylvania. I received my Ph.D. and M.A. in Social Psychology at Temple University in 2018 and my B.A. in Psychology and Sociology at Florida State University in 2013.

In my research program, my goal is to understand the antecedents and consequences of prejudice and discrimination and to develop interventions that directly combat this animosity. I have developed a research approach that (1) investigates cognitive functions that contribute to and predict prejudiced attitudes, (2) examines how prejudiced attitudes give way to discriminatory behavior, and (3) designs and implements prejudice and discrimination reduction interventions. In this way, I isolate the social and cognitive mechanisms that underlie prejudice and discrimination and then directly combat prejudice and discrimination through interventions.

I take a multi-method approach by integrating different methodologies from across the social sciences, including conducting laboratory and field experiments, implementing cross-sectional and longitudinal study designs, analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, and comparing data across cross-cultural contexts. I adopt an interdisciplinary perspective in my research by combining divergent literatures from social and cognitive psychology, political science, and communications. Importantly, I often collaborate with experts in both academia as well as non-profit organizations in order to focus my research on the needs of communities that are most affected by prejudice and discrimination.

Current Research Interests


In what ways do meta-perceptions predict intergroup behaviors? Do meta-perceptions reflect reality?         

Prejudice and Discrimination Interventions 

What are the most effective ways to combat prejudice and discrimination? What are the mechanisms through which successful prejudice reduction interventions work?

Social Category Intersectionality

How do social categories intersect to influence intergroup processes, social-cognitive processes, and behavior?


Implicit Social Cognition

What role(s) do implicit attitudes play in intergroup interactions? How do implicit attitudes map onto behavior?




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