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Manuscripts Under Review

Moore-Berg, S.L., Hameiri, B., & Bruneau, E.G. (under review). The Prime Psychological Suspects of Toxic Political Polarization.

Moore-Berg, S.L., Ankori-Karlinsky, L., Hameiri, B., & Bruneau, E.G. (under review). The Partisan Penumbra: Political Partisans’ Exaggerated Meta-Perceptions Predict Intergroup Hostility.

Moore-Berg, S.L., Hameiri, B., Falk, E., & Bruneau, E.G. (under review). Reducing Islamophobia: An assessment of psychological mechanisms that underlie successful anti-Islamophobia media interventions.

Moore-Berg, S.L. & Karpinski, A. (under review). Race and Social Class as Intersecting Social Categories: An analysis of implicit and explicit attitudes.  

Moore-Berg, S.L., Fitzpatrick, C., & Karpinski, A. (under review). Do racial labels matter? How the terms Black versus African American affect implicit attitudes.  

Bruneau, E., Hameiri, B., Moore-Berg, S.L., & Kteily, N. (under review). Intergroup contact reduces dehumanization and meta-dehumanization: Cross-sectional, longitudinal and experimental evidence from 17 samples in 5 countries.  

Manuscripts In Preparation 

Moore-Berg, S.L., Hameiri, B., Falk, E., & Bruneau, E.G. (manuscript in preparation). Beyond partisanship: Using American misperceptions of immigration to understand anti-immigrant hostility.  

Moore-Berg, S.L., Roberts, S., & Bruneau, E.G. (manuscript in preparation). Examination of how definitions of racism predict inequality awareness. 

Hameiri, B., Moore-Berg, S.L., Guillard, C., Falk, E. & Bruneau, E.G. (manuscript in preparation). The search for significance leads to political violence only when it is coupled with a sense of victimhood.  

Gallardo, R., Hameiri, B., Moore-Berg, S.L., & Bruneau, E.G. (manuscript in preparation). The positive impact of collective praise on reducing Islamophobia.

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