My teaching philosophy focuses on three themes: (1) I structure my pedagogy in a way that allows students to grasp the course’s real-world relevance in addition to its fundamental concepts; (2) I promote a diverse and inclusive learning environment and strive to make the course equitable and accessible for all students; and (3) I provide continued mentorship to my students. Accordingly, I aim to create an intellectually stimulating learning environment to captivate students while in the classroom and to provide students with the skills necessary to achieve productive lives. I have incorporated this pedological approach as a primary instructor, as a teaching assistant, and as a mentor for undergraduate and graduate students.

Primary Instructor

Social Psychology (Fall 2023; University of Utah)

Peace Communication: The Use and Abuse of Communications in Intergroup Conflict (Fall 2020; University of Pennsylvania) 

Senior Capstone: Stereotyping and Prejudice (Summer 2017; Temple University)

Workings of the Mind (Summer 2015, Summer 2016; Temple University)

Special Topics: Stereotyping and Prejudice (Summer 2016; Temple University)

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (Fall 2013-Spring 2014; Florida State University)

Teaching Assistant

Learning and Behavior Analysis (Spring 2018; Temple University)

Statistics for Psychology (Fall 2015, Fall 2017; Temple University)

Critical Thinking in Psychology (Fall 2017; Temple University)

Introduction to Psychology (Spring 2017; Temple University)

Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences (Fall 2016; Temple University)

Workings of the Mind (Fall 2013-Spring 2016; Temple University)

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